Structure of Discussion Essay for IELTS

IELTS is the best way to check a person's command of English in a short time. This exam consists of several sections, evaluating corresponding language skills, such as listening, reading, speaking, and writing. If you've prepared for it, you know that there are different types of essays in IELTS, such as the two-part question, opinion, problem and solution, advantages, and disadvantages. But today, we pay attention to the discussion essay.
The essay isn't the most favorite type of academic writing. Students who experience difficulties with essay writing prefer to order essay online and be sure of high quality. However, if you aim at taking the exam, this option won't help you. No one student knows the topic of essay he or she will get, so all they can do is to learn the essentials of essay writing and practice as much as you can.
It's not the usual essay. If you've never tried to take IELTS, you surely don't know what should be in a discussion essay. Students are given the statement with two contradicting views on a particular issue. Their task is to discuss them and give their own opinion about it. A proper paper structure is half of the success on the exam, that's why we're here to discuss it in detail.

Create an introductory part

After you've read and understood the discussion question, you should start thinking about how you will start your paper. On the exam, you're limited in time, so you should be able to find interesting ideas and quickly put them on paper; however, when you are aware of the discussion essay structure, it doesn't seem difficult. In general, a good introduction should start with the restatement of the question. Next, you should write the thesis statement, outlining what you will discuss and presenting your opinion about the topic briefly. It's also possible to state both views, add your opinion on this topic, and deduce thesis statements on its basis.

Write the main body paragraphs

The usual 5-paragraph structure of the essay presupposes that it should contain three main paragraphs. Discussion essay on IELTS requires you to write two main paragraphs that have identical structure but discuss 2 points of view. Start with presenting the opinion you'll consider. Restate it and then start discussing it in detail. Express what is right and wrong with this opinion. The main body paragraph should finish with your attitude to considered opinions. Say why do you agree or disagree with the discussed opinion.
Don't forget to include examples to support your point of view. If you want to find out the secrets of writing, contact any professional writer and ask him or her, "How do you write a good discussion paper?". The consequence of action for writing the second body paragraph is the same.

Conclude your discussion

Don't repeat the introductory part here. Conclusion presupposes that the writer will present a summary of the key points discussed and define which one is the most important and right. If you want to read the example of strong discussion essay, visit the websites, providing online college homework help, and ask professionals to write the paper for you. Don't make this part too long. The sentences should be short and comprehensive.
Learning to write a good discussion essay requires time. Deal with academic assignments using professional help and free the time for preparation. Visit the reliable service, leave a message like, "help me do my assignment," and devote yourself to mastering your essay writing skills.