Civil Discourse & Judaism

We welcome everyone to join in this project and forum. Although we have Jewish roots, the Civil Discourse Project is not a Jewish endeavor. We focus on issues of national and secular concern.

Judaism defines civility as acting with compassion, graciousness and benevolence towards others, even those with whom we disagree. Being open to hearing others' views allows us to learn, which then gives us a basis for considered opinion and meaningful action.

The Civil Discourse Project and its forum draw upon the Jewish traditions of Tzedakah (justice) and Talmudic debate (seeking truth through listening to divergent truths), and prohibition of Lashon Hara (an evil tongue).

Judaism believes in a multiplicity of truths. Here, you will be asked to let go of the desire to win, and instead try to find the truth in another's views and identify the cracks in your own logic, which may allow for agreement and problem solving.